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Pressed Czech Glass Silky Beads, made in the Czech Republic, are distinguished by their two diagonally-drilled holes that create a beautiful, diamond-shaped bead. You will notice that one side has a ridge while the other side is simply flat. Together, these features really make Silky Beads stand out as unique. These beads are great for either stringing or bead weaving projects and because of the placement of their holes, you can create interesting shapes and designs.

Czech Silky Beads are available in 2 sizes: 5mm and 6mm
Click the links above to view the available colors in each size

Both 5mm & 6mm Silky Beads are available in 40 Bead Packages

40 5mm Silky Beads - approximately 7 Grams
40 6mm Silky Beads - approximately 12-13 Grams

Now I would like to offer some inspiration for using these fabulous Silky Beads! The talented designers from The Beadsmith have created FREE exclusive projects using Silky Beads and a variety of other beads that are new to JaValle Beads.