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Japanese seed beads shaped like tiny cubes. Cube beads are particularly attractive when woven in stitches that stack the beads in an even brick-like pattern, such as peyote, square or brick stitch. Choose from three versatile sizes: 1.8mm, 3mm and 4mm.

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SB18-0001F - Matte S/L Crystal SB18-0003 - S/L Gold SB18-0005 - S/L Dk Topaz
SB18-0001 - Silver Lined Crystal SB18-0010 - S/L Flame Red SB18-0012 - S/L Smokey Amethyst
SB18-0014 - Silver Lined Chartreuse SB18-0016 - Silver Lined Green SB18-0018 - Silver Lined Aqua
SB18-0019 - Silver Lined Sapphire SB18-0131 -Crystal SB18-0131F - Matte Tr Crystal
SB18-0131FR - Matte Tr Crystal AB SB18-0132 - Tr Lt Topaz SB18-0132FR - Matte Tr Lt Topaz AB
SB18-0134 - Tr Dk Topaz SB18-0134FR - Matte Tr Dk Amber AB SB18-0140 - Tr Red Orange
SB18-0140FR - Matte Tr Red Orange AB SB18-0142 - Tr Smokey Amethyst SB18-0142FR - Matte Tr Smokey Amethyst AB
SB18-0143 - Tr Chartreuse SB18-0143FR - Matte Tr Chartreuse AB SB18-0146 - Tr Green
SB18-0146FR - Matte Tr Green AB SB18-0148 - Tr Aqua SB18-0148FR - Matte Tr Aqua AB
SB18-0150 - Tr Sapphire SB18-0150FR - Matte Tr Sapphire AB SB18-0179 - Tr Green AB
SB18-0204 - Coral Lined Crystal SB18-0207 - Pink Lined Crystal SB18-0208 - Carnation Pink Lined Crystal
SB18-0209 - Fuchsia Lined Crystal SB18-0215 - Blush Lined Crystal SB18-0219 - Dk Mint Green Lined Crystal
SB18-0221 - Sky Blue Lined Crystal SB18-0222 - Orchid Lined Crystal SB18-0223 - Grape Lined Crystal
SB18-0224 - Cocoa Lined Crystal SB18-0242 - Spkl Pewter Lined Crystal SB18-0245 - Lime Lined Crystal
SB18-0250 - Crystal AB SB18-0251 - Tr Lt Topaz AB SB18-0254 - Tr Red AB
SB18-0256 - Tr Smoky Amethyst AB SB18-0257 - Tr Dk Topaz AB SB18-0258 - Tr Chartreuse AB
SB18-0260 - Tr Aqua AB SB18-0261 - Tr Sapphire AB SB18-0311 - Topaz Gold Luster
SB18-0401 - Op Black SB18-0401F - Matte Op Black SB18-0401FR - Matte Op Black AB
SB18-0402 - Op White SB18-0402R - Op White AB SB18-0420 - White Pearl Ceylon
SB18-0421 - Cream Ceylon SB18-0451 - Metallic Gunmetal SB18-0452 - Metallic Dk Blue Iris
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