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Cymbal™ is a unique, imaginative, and groundbreaking metal component line that has been designed to fit and integrate with the most popular bead working beads in the market including Czech GemDuo™, SuperDuo®, Silky Bead®, and Honeycomb Bead® as well as Miyuki Tilas, 11/0 Delica & Round, and 8/0 Round seed beads. Plus, new for 2020, we’ve added components for Paisley Duo®, Ginko®, Kite Bead®, and Chevron Duo™ beads. Cymbal™ Metal Fashion Elements™ can have different functions.

BEAD ENDINGS™ serve as clasps or endings to attach clasps. They are shaped and spaced to the specifications of a specific bead.

SIDE BEADS™ give metal definition to the edge of a bead bracelet, bead cluster, or bead project. BEAD SUBSTITUTES™ are metal components created in the shape of a specific bead to act as a bead replacement. They can be worked into a project just like the bead itself and will create shine, glitter and pop wherever they are used.

CONNECTORS can serve as links and extensions to your project. They add metal definition and create a mixed media effect.

EARRINGS are ready-to-bead metal post components. They are perfectly fashioned for your favorite shaped beads. Earring posts are made from hypoallergenic titanium.

Experienced bead workers will have a fun and exciting time discovering new ways to use Cymbal™ elements.