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Miyuki triangle beads are ideal for creating looks with a bit of whimsy, charm, and individuality. These seed beads are triangular with rounded corners, unlike our Miyuki sharp triangles which have sharper edges. Triangle seed beads catch the light in a way that round beads do not, and have a lovely bumpy texture and shimmer when you string them or weave them together. Miyuki triangle beads with a silver or gold lining have a three-dimensional inner glow.

When you combine triangle beads, light accentuates the shape of the rounded edge. The matte finish triangles have an old-fashioned cobblestone effect while shiny triangle beads create their own bubbly patterns when stitched together. Fun beads to work with, triangle beads are more visually interesting than your basic seed bead and create lovely texture in all kinds of projects.

Size 10 triangle shaped seed beads have rounded edges and a smooth, consistant shape.

There are approximately 300 beads per 5 Gram Package. Each color is individually weighed and packaged in a resealable plastic bag and is labeled with the number of grams as well as the color number and name.

Each bead measures approximately 2.5mm x 2.5mm with a 0.9mm hole through the center of the bead
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